Waterfront Pictures is a producer and distributor of dramatic and documentary feature films led by award-winning filmmaker Robert Clem. Dramatic productions include Company K ( 102 minutes, 2004 ) based on the classic World War I novel by William March and distributed by Indican Picturese. Waterfront has developed over a dozen other dramatic and documentary projects and some of these are listed on this site. Among the dramatic projects under development are several based on radio plays produced by Radio Action Theater (see below).

The company has produced seven feature length documentaries -- the IDA-award winning Big Jim Folsom: The Two Faces of Populism (1997); ; the award-winning War Birds: Diary of An Unknown Aviator (2003) ; William March/Company K (2004); In The Wake of the Assassins (2007);  Eugene Walter:  Last of the Bohemians (2008); Malbis Plantation (2009 and How They Got Over (2012)


  Heading up Waterfront is Robert Clem.  Bob, a native of Alabama, has been a fellow at Robert Redford's Sundance Institute, is a graduate of Birmingham-Southern College, and received an M.F.A. from NYU Graduate film school.  His film work primarily has been about his native South and particularly his home state of Alabama.  Clem has also explored Southern themes in programs aired on National Public Radio and abroad with radio dramas featuring a distinguished group of actors including Eli Wallach, Betty Buckley, Campbell Scott, Hope Davis, Michael O’Keefe, David Strathairn, Lois Smith, Jeffery Wright, Will Patton, Jeffery DeMunn and Stacy Keach.  For the Faulkner centennial in 1997 he wrote and directed adaptations of Faulkner’s short stories ‘Spotted Horses’, ‘Honor’ and ‘Mountain Victory’.   Other radio programs include Charles Chestnut:  The Inner Life of Slavery, with a dramatization of Chestnutt’s story ‘Dave’s Neckliss’ by Ossie Davis; Child of the Sun, a five-part dramatic series using Hispanic and native American actors about the expedition of Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto; and the two-part Tall Tales from the Hunters' Camp, based on little known comedic stories by nineteenth century writer William Gilmore Simms.


Clem has produced, written and directed films appearing on public television, the Arts & Entertainment Network, the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel and networks abroad.  His 1997 PBS film Big Jim Folsom: The Two Faces of Populism won the International Documentary Association/ABCNews VideoSource Award and the Southeastern Filmmaker Award at the Atlanta Film Festival.  His play Fever, which set Crime and Punishment in the year 1969, was performed as part of the New York International Fringe Festival in 2001He is currently developing a film about the menage a trois and family strife that led to the publication of Emily Dickinson's poetry after her death, and a version of the Hamilton-Burr rivalry  taking place in the year 2017.





  Alan Hostetter (Director of Photography) holds Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English and Telecommunications from Michigan State University and a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television from New York University. His 1981 thesis film Buddies won the Haig Manoogian Award from the New York University Film Festival, a Bronze Hugo Award from the Chicago International Film Festival and Best Student Film from the Philadelphia International Film Festival. His Civil War screenplay Ironclad won Best Screenplay from the 1993 Houston Worldfest Film Festival. He has worked as a gaffer since the mid-1980s, lighting such indie classics as Living In Oblivion, The Grave, The Florentine, and The Myth of Fingerprints. His camera work is seen often on CNN, MTV, VH1, and other cable channels. His documentary credits include Orwell Rolls in his Grave and Waterfront projects War Birds and William March & Company K. His feature work as DP includes The 24th Day with Scott Speedman and James Marsden, which premiered at the 2004 Tribeca Film Festival. Company K is his best work.


  Donald Stark is a graduate of the Chicago School of Music where he studied composition and has composed music for over a dozen New York theater productions as well as films and videos. In addition to his collaboration with Robert Clem in Radio Action Theater, Don composed music for the award-winning documentaries Big Jim Folsom: The Two Faces of Populism and War Birds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator. He collaborated with Craig McConnell (see below) on the score for Company K.


  Scottish musician and composer Craig McConnell, who joined Waterfront in 2003, will be sorely missed. Craig composed music for Company K, Dream Street of the Americas and In the Wake of the Assassins.   He was living in Gruyere, Switzerland when he passed away in 2011.   His music will live on.   His official website is www.craigmcconnell.com


  A native of Switzerland, Nicole joined Waterfront in 2003.  She holds a 4 year Swiss Baccalaureat in Economics and a 4 year Diploma in International Relations/International Economics earned at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She was associate producer on Company K and is currently helping produce the company’s new projects.


The background image is from an infrared photograph of Baltimore harbor taken by Robert Clem in the late 1970s. The opening sound montage begins with a bit from the 1940s radio serial The Abbotts, followed by clips from programs produced by Waterfront and by Radio Action Theater, starting with Campbell Scott and Hope Davis from the radio play Honor, based on a short story by William Faulkner. Following that, Terry Serpico is Sergeant Dunning after a German trench raid in Company K. Next is an excerpt from a speech by Alabama populist Big Jim Folsom from the IDA Award-winning film Big Jim Folsom: The Two Faces of Populism. Finally, Ted Schneider as a German ghost haunts Ari Fliakos, playing the central character of Joe Delaney in Company K. Main music theme is by Donald Stark from his score for Honor.

All material Copyright 2012, Waterfront Pictures Corp.