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Based on the greatest American novel about World War I, Company K is the story of one man’s journey to come to terms with his memories of war. The film parallels the life of the book’s author, decorated U.S. marine William (Campbell) March, who later wrote The Bad Seed.    A troubled World War I veteran named Joseph Delaney tries to overcome his nightmares by writing about the war and the men he soldiered with. ‘If I could just tell all their stories and pin them to a huge wheel, each story hung on a different peg until the circle is completed -- that would be the picture of war.’    As he remembers his fellow Marines, each is defined by a singular moment in which his true character is revealed. One marine sees Christ in no man’s land, another makes sure his friend loses his virginity before he dies, a stoic corporal tells a young recruit that ‘war is a business like any other -- you’ve got to play your cards the way they fall.’ A neurotic captain orders a squad to shoot a group of German soldiers he thinks may be part of a plot to overcome their captors. One marine who has espoused antiwar ideas feels he has no choice but to obey; another deserts rather than carry out the captain’s command.


Finally Delaney tells his own story, about a young German soldier he stabbed to death in the war’s last month, when he was ordered to deliver a message to divisional headquarters and found his path blocked by a German eating his lunch in the woods. After the war Delaney is haunted by the memory of the dead German until a final confrontation brings him close to the brink of insanity.

Years later, his book completed, Delaney revisits the deserted base where he once trained with his comrades in an effort finally to put the war behind him. Though he can no longer remember their names or faces, he has told their stories and completed the wheel -- ‘an unending circle of pain’.

Based on the novel by decorated U.S. Marine William March (who later wrote the cult classic The Bad Seed), the film interweaves the novel with the author’s own experience in World War I.

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